Friday, November 7, 2014

This is me...

after only three thousands words.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Have to get this off my chest...

I'm easily distracted. More so when I'm "writing" and when a new nugget of an idea strikes, it's best to write it down i'm told.


Wendell (don't ever call me Wendell) Kim has a gift. He can predict within 68.5% accuracy (it's not an exact science) when the next natural disaster will strike. His percentage of success spikes by roughly 9.7% if he is being paid. Mr. Kim would like you to think that he is, helping save lives, all honesty Mr. Kim could care less and neither do the CEO that sign his checks. Saving lives is great PR and gets you laid but nobody is writing checks to save lives.


and that's about what I got done today.

oh, well back at it tomorrow.maybe I will share a cover...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Earth is farting

I totally wrote this... one of my prouder writing moments.

Thinking of it this way. The Earth is farting. Crude as that may sound. Every time a volcano erupts, a hurricane or a twister is born and the earth shakes. The Earth is farting. It’s releasing pressure like we do, if we don’t release that pressure. We don’t feel well, we could get sick and die. That is exactly what’s happening with the Earth, every time we use the StormWatch Tech.

Yes and it may be too late to save it.

Monday, November 3, 2014


you ever cast one of your stories. i never really gave it much thought. i was thinking it might be fun to cast DISASTER PORN. 


Kurt Russell as STORM CURTIS
SAM "STORM" CURTIS - Kurt Russell. One of my all time favorite actor. This guy could play drying paint and make it exciting. Sure he's getting old and he's not much of a star anymore. He would be perfect as Sam.

Ioan Grufford as BOZAK
BERNARD BOZAK - Ioan Grufford. Who? Reed Richards is where most of you will know him. He's a bit of a pretty boy. Originally, I would have had cast him as Sam and still could if Kurt wasn't up for the role.

Andy Serkis - JOCK FORD
JOCK FORD - Andy Serkis. Gollum, King Kong and Caesar. Andy is mostly know by fans as one of those three CGI characters. He doesn't get much love as an actually character in movies. I think that's is a shame.

DEE FORD-WELLS - Nia Long. Now for the oddest casting of DISASTER PORN. Not because she not a good actress, she's an amazing actress there is no question. Nia isn't generally cast in popcorn type flicks.

There you have it. Your four main characters of the next great popcorn movie.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

23 hour Idea change....

I beginning to think that perhaps this might be why I will never complete a NANOWRI story!

I radically change EVERYTHING! *sigh*