Sunday, December 21, 2014

Publishing Goals For 2015

In effort to post more to this new shiny blog and to continue to ploog towards my ultimate goal of scratching eeking out a living writing. I've put together a goal and schedule of things I need to have done by this time next year.

SHORT FICTION OR ZERO-FUCKERY STORYTELLING: I'd like to write one or two short stories a month for my patreon page. ( Get some content flowing and build an audience.

MARTIANS BOOKS: Martians Hate Earth is the first book (novella, short story, comic book, whatever) in the series of three books. The first book is plotted out.

COFFIN HUNTERS: I really want this to be a comic book, maybe even a novella, too. Thankfully everybody's pal Joe Simmons and co-creators of those knuckleheads Bing and O'Toole. Is really pushing hard to make this happen.

SHARK TOWN, USA: Is calling my name hard. I hope I want to get to plotting it out some more this year.

READ MORE AND OF COURSE SUCK LESS: If I can accomplish a third of this list of goals. I think I would be happy with that. Life and technology seem to get in the way 7 out 10 times when I make these sorta things.

Carry On